Artist and pastry chef Born in Mexico. She migrated to the US at the age of fourteen. Her love for the arts began when she was a little girl. She was introduced to the papier mache technique by her aunt Eliza. To paper flower making, sewing, embroidery, crochet, and more by her grandmother. In school she discovered theater and traditional folk dancing. When she moved to the US  she studied theater with artist and director

Miguel Lopez Lemus. Along with other students including actor and director Jose Arturo Burgos they created a theater company called Repertorio Latino Theater Co. which won first place in a Chicago theater competition. She graduated from the American Airlines Travel Academy (travel hospitality). Studied broadcasting at WRTE 90.5 Radio Arte. Graduated from Barbizon Modeling School. She also studied fashion design at the Academy of Design & Technology. She graduated from the French Pastry School. And she is the founder of Reciclarte Studio.

Her art is inspired by Mother nature and its million wounds caused by the greed of humans. She incorporates as many recycled materials in her art pieces which she calls "diamonds in the rough". She is a multidisciplinary artist: jewelry, handcrafts, paintings, prints, murals, sculpture, fashion design, pastries, dance, acting, bread making, just to name a few. For Leticia Rodarte, art is more than just making pretty things, it's as she puts it "my  oxygen".

"Art is not a trend, it is a lifestyle"
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