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"My love for sweets dates back to my childhood. I grew up watching my grandmother make the most wonderful candied sweets in a terra cotta pot at sunset on the fogon (firepit). As the flames hugged the pot and the mantel of stars 
covered the sky, I waited patiently for the gorda (chunky lady) to give birth to some delicious treats. 
My baked goods are inspired by my cultural background and my childhood.
Created with love!"

     Our empanadas are handcrafted with fresh ingredients and real butter. We make them sweet as well as savory. The flavors are based on ingredients' availability, holidays, holidays, and special request.



      Atoles are the most popular and beloved warm drinks in Mexican culinary history, dating back to the pre-hispanic era. As the centuries went by and new ingredients were introduced to the country. The flavor profiles expanded and evolved. In our modern times, flavors vary from home to home and region to region. Still made with the original corn and water base, as well as milk, and more. Our atole's flavors change every season

Friday's menu

Our menu includes staple items, but we include special baked goodies every week.
A minimum of 3 empanadas per order is required. Orders must be placed Thursdays no later than 8pm
Pick-ups are every Friday 12pm-6pm (Pilsen). Address is on the receipt

Click on the item for more details


Contact us for more information

* Empanadas (assortment of flavors, savory & sweet)
* Decorated cookies for all occasions
* Cakes
* Cupcakes
* Flan
* Cream puffs
* Atoles/Champurrados (Mexican hot drinks)

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